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Watch out for Sibley ;)

February 24, 2010

Her name is Sibley, and I’m working with her… check. her. out.

(click the pic)


Tinie Tempah… About to blow

January 12, 2010

Giggs Ft B.o.B – Dont Go There Official Music Video

January 8, 2010

Is Nexus One the next one?

January 6, 2010

Technology is always moving, in the words of Jay-Z, Onto The Next One.

Blackberry’s and iPhones have been the hype for a little while (with Blackberry’s even having their own tune, as all ravers will know).

Well Google (yeah, I said Google) have come out with a phone called ‘Nexus One’ to try and rival all the others. The phone Google call a “superphone” looks a lot like an iPhone, but is it better?

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MAD TALENT! Dondria (Who got famous on YouTube and is now signed to SO SO DEF)

December 11, 2009

I love her voice.



December 9, 2009

This ish was all I knew,
you and me only,
and I did it all for you,
still you were lonely,
we coulda worked it out,

uhh, but i guess things change,
its funny how someone else’s success brings pain,
when ya no longer involved, that person has it all,
and you just stuck standing there,

But, I’m gonna need you to say something baby…