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What an eventful week I had. It was Craaaaaaaazy!

May 24, 2010

So in between the fleeting rays of sunshine, I’ve spent an hour or two in the studio… lol  (as I do).

This week I’ve been working on some songs for Alexandra Burke, Rihanna, and Mz Bratt. Had some GREAT news with regards to the artist lineup of my album, and got the ball rolling on the Perempay and Dee future smash ADDICTED ft (the wonderful voice that is) Cleo Sol.

Imagine, I spent Wednesday with none other than Westwood, Rudekid and Teddy (Silencer) reading out the HOT 6 @ 6, and Hero (my song with Cleo Sol) was number 1!!!!  Siiiiick…

What wasn’t sick, however, was the parking ticket I, lets say ‘acquired’, from parking in a suspended parking bay – and the congestion charge I FORGOT to pay. “Hello Mr Government, here, take £100 from me and give me absolutely no service, product or benefit for it…. Naaaa don’t mention it maayyn. ANYTIME!”

Anyway POSITIVE THOUGHTS. I was in the studio with the cute attitude of Mz Bratt on Friday and after my hard work I drove down to Brighton for a cousin’s birthday! It was heavy.


Oh Im a nutter, I forgot to remind you all about Selah’s Woman’s World (check the video below)!!! (And the talk of the Man’s World remix that is in the pipeline) so read my blog for more infoooooooo



Catch Me On The Hot 6 at 6 On 1xtra With Tiiiiiiiiim Weesssstwoooooood!

May 18, 2010

 Make sure you guys tune into 1xtra on Wednesday 19th May where I will be counting the hot 6 at 6 with Mr Tiiiiiiiiiim Westwooooooood!