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I Luv Live| Review

September 29, 2010

Here’s a nice little review from of mine and Cleo’s performance for the I Luv Live showcase in shoreditch on Monday

After a break for the stage to be transformed in order for headliner Davinche to do his thing, everything got a whole lot closer like literally people swarmed towards the stage to see the producer who’s beats landmarked an important and exciting time in grime. Often when producers perform at ILUVLIVE they bring down singers, this time Davinche brought Cleo to help him bring to life his productions from Tinchy Stryder’sBreakaway to Tinie Tempah’s Tears and Davinche’s Riding For Love, all were on point by the way, big up Cleo! But Davinche broke things even further down when he gave an impromptu beat making session. Explaining how he puts his unique tracks together and a quick little beat came to life on the stage before Baby Blu spat some fire alongside him and then Cleo re-entered to sing her heart out on the cover of Free My Mind.