The NS10 reborn: Yamaha just couldn’t resist…

March 11, 2010

Yamaha used to make the most recognisable loudspeakers in the world – the white-coned, famously grotty- but- useful NS10. They were responsible for – among other things – people wanting to put their speakers on their sides, and people covering their tweeters with tissue. In April 2001, Yamaha discontinued the NS10, claiming that it was impossible to get the right kind of pulp for the white cones.

Earlier this year, Studiospares announced their £92 SN10 speakers, complete with white cone and sniffy reviews. Now, inevitably, Yamaha have announced the HS Range, complete with… white cones. It’s tempting to imagine that a crack Yamaha research team have spent the last half decade trekking from Chile to Tibet, before finally securing a secret source of the rare pulp high in the Atlas mountains. So it’s a disappointment to find the new HS speakers uses white cones made of polypropylene. (via  MusicThing.com)


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