Why do Americans do Such POOR Jamaican Accents? lol

December 11, 2009

(Via Yahoo Answers )

“Whenever im watching an american show and one of the characters does a jamaican accents (friends, my wife and kids, fresh prince etc) they can never pronounce the accent right, whereas other countries and places (uk) can do the accent right.”



Mr Fox-“There’s a sizable Caribbean community in the UK. As Americans are focus tends to be very narrow so most of the people who do decent imitations of accents are people with ties to the countries being portrayed.”

Get It Girl-“They’re not as exposed to it, I guess. I’m from Toronto and I can say with 100% certainty the majority of Torontonians can do it with no problems (I’m exaggerating obviously, but you get what I mean lol).”

Ice Cream Man-“Jamacia dosent have as much cultural influence in the U.S. as it does in the U.K.”



One comment

  1. LOL @ this question even though I ask myself that every time I see them in films attempting it. It’s not just Jamaican accents they’re bad at, it’s all island ones and their British accents are usually pretty shocking too.

    Ah well, I’m not good at any accents so I guess I can’t judge. Then again, I don’t even attempt it.

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