Will I Am Gets Emotional

May 10, 2009

Will I Am 

Click Here To Watch Will I Am On Oprah


So I watched Will I Am on Oprah. Quite emotional.


I read a quote once, cant remember in the beginning of which book it was, but it stuck with me and reminded me of this situation. Though I cant remember it accurately enough to quote it exactly, I remember the gist of it was this. 

Every time I get on a plane to go somewhere, as Im sure you are, Im asked to face the front whilst the flight attendant demonstrates the emergency procedures. One of these procedures, is how to put on your oxygen mask should you be required to do so. The part of this speech that remains in my mind is the part where you are sternly warned to put your own mask on before helping those around you (child or adult) with theirs. The theory behind this is if you put your own mask on first, you are in a position then, to help many others with thier masks. If you however, attempt to help them before putting yours on, you may just about manage to help one person before passing out. Then you are of no use to yourself, or anybody else.

I’ve always felt like this has many parallels in life and business. Will I Am helps four teenagers to put on their masks, a gift that I intend to, at some point in my career, give in abundance.  


Click Here To Watch Will I Am On Oprah


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  1. I love this, inspirational …

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